Monday, April 27, 2009

City Harvest Church

City Harvest Church - Light of the City

1. Heaven
2. Shout It Out Loud
3. Above All Else
4. The God I Know
5. One God
6. Elevate Your Name
7. My Life, Your Song
8. The Rising
9. Spirit Fall
10. Sanctuary
11. God of My Forever

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City Harvest Church - CROSS Live Worship (2005)

A very nice praise from City Harvest Church (Singapore) that captures the vision and the passion of this generation - to bring the message of the CROSS to the world.
  1. Yours is the Kingdom
  2. Free
  3. Hold Me Close
  4. One
  5. Cry
  6. Refuge
  7. Holy
  8. In the Name of Jesus
  9. Extraordinary
  10. Call Upon
  11. My Source
  12. I Give
  13. Come Holy Spirit
  14. Crossing Over
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